Far Nearer is documenting local schemes building economic resilience in pockets of the UK that might one day result in systemic change.

We’re building a map of local economies in the UK.

Over the course of the year, Far Nearer will take a close look at several of these schemes, exploring their sustainability and scalability through film, photography, data and text.

Far Nearer is funded by the Friends Provident Foundation.

Far Nearer is looking for schemes that:

  1. Build on existing technologies and approaches to growing local economies, like community assets or sweat equity schemes

    • Improve existing structures like governance, wages, cleaner tech investments 
  2. Produce goods and service at a scale that supports a balanced local economy
  3. Adapt to climate change by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, support environmental approaches to infrastructure like energy, transport and waste, and make more effective use of resources
  4. Support investment in social as well as financial capital, which aims to address poverty and inequalities (of income, wealth, time, access and control over productive resources and carbon)

    • Help those who the current economic system fails
    • Encourage wellbeing through enterprises, public organisations and government
  5. Improve resilience by encouraging individuals and groups to experiment, develop and strengthen their adaptive capacities (i.e. self-organising, innovation and learning)